12 Days of Christmas Shots

For me, the holiday season is all about distracting yourself from the cold, harsh winters by celebrating tradition, feasting, gift-wrapping and spending time with friends and family……….. AND, taking full opportunity of the fact that this is probably the only time of year where getting day drunk it considered a jolly good idea. To give you a helping hand towards a Christmas full of work parties, get-togethers and family evenings to remember (and to not!), here are 12 utterly merry Christmas-themed shots that are sure to keep everyone in high spirits!

1- The Tiramisu Pudding Shot

Tiramisu-Pudding-Shots-8Coffee, Kahlua, and pudding makeup these Tiramisu Pudding shots. Now, I know Tiramisu is a year-long favourite dessert, however, Christmas time marks the time of year where you don’t have to feel guilty for having 3 rounds of dessert after your meal. Therefore, this shot is definitely a Christmassy good time.

Find the Recipe at: Lemons for Lulu

2- The Festive Green Shot

Evite+Christmas+Modern+Jello+Shots_254-O (1).jpgAll you need is a little green Jell-o and your vodka of choice to make this grinchy goodness. Simple; easy; green.

Get the recipe at: evite

3- The Eggnog Jell-o Shot

20151115-EggNogJelloShot-jelloshots2-ElanaLepkowski-1500x1125 (1).jpgFrothy eggnog is great, if you decide to ignore the fact that it’s an awkwardly unappealing mixture of dairy and egg yolk. BUT, you can make your holiday party seem like a five star dinning experience and wow your guests by serving the classic Christmas drink in a ever-so-satisfying jelly form.

Get the recipe at: Serious Eats

4- The Santa’s Panties Shot

Santa-Panties-3.jpgTasteful and cheeky, this layered shot is super quick and easy to make. Simply use a spoon to poor Rumchata and Kahlua on top of a healthy dose of sweet grenadine syrup.

Get the recipe at: Seduction in the Kitchen

5- The Candy Cane and Cran Shot

Candy-Cane-Ketel-One.pngFor a little added holiday sophistication, add some toothpicks and three frozen cranberries to each minty-crusted shot for a pop of flavour and decor.

Get the recipe at: Hairspray and Highheels

6- The Sugar Cookie Shot

Sugar-Cookie-Shooters-768x768.jpgI gotta say, I’ve been watching Tipsy Bartender’s videos on Facebook forever, and I am 100% confident in saying that they ARE the specialty shooter king. Expertly mixing cookie dough vodka, vanilla vodka and Godiva white chocolate liquor, everyone will be rushing to beat Santa down the chimney to get a taste of these ‘milk and cookie’ shots.

Get the recipe at: Tipsy Bartender

7- The Salted Caramel Shot

salted caramel eggnog shooters stacys pita chips.jpgShots with chips inside? Yes please. Sprinkle Bakes had the creative idea of using Stacy’s ships (which is my fav chip that makes you feel healthy although it’s probably the most dense option) to keeps things sweet and salty: Just like me ;).

Get the recipe at: Sprinkle Bakes

8- The Holiday Milkshake Shot

gallery-1481929269-delish-holiday-milkshake-shooters-pin-06.jpgOreos; candy canes; mint-chip ice cream; whipped cream. Seems like all that’s missing is the Christmas tree that sits above because this is a gift for the tastebuds.

Get the recipe at: delish

9- The Jack Frost Shot

Jack-Frost-Cocktail-4-800x1199.jpgWith an eye-popping blue colour and a dash of crisp coconut on the rim, I think this shot wins the most visually pleasing award!

Get the recipe at: Homemade Hoopla 

10- The Mistletoe Shot

522c37e4-8cc4-436c-9d56-89efe34f1d5d.jpgGarnished with mint leaves and red M&Ms, you can ‘meet me by the mistletoe’ shot stand!

Get the recipe at: tablespoon

11- The Cinnamon Kiss Shot

cinnamon_sugar_2_product_grande.jpgStudies show that the scent of cinnamon improves memory and cognitive skills….. well maybe not when mixed in a shot, but who cares, it’s Christmas!

Get the recipe at: Dell Cove Spice Co.

12- The Gingerbread Shot

Gingerbread-Shooter.jpgNow we are talking: A full cookie, dunked in a full shot. Come to think of it, why isn’t every shot served with a complimentary cookie chaser? Any who, it seems like the age long jingle “You can’t catch me, I’m the gingerbread man” has been proven incorrect, as the gingerbread man is easily seduced by bathes in Bailey’s Irish cream and gingerbread syrup.

Get the recipe at: something to snack on


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