A Night-Crawler’s Portfolio of Montreal Neon Signs

Trend Alert: Neon signs have hitched the trending train, boarding from the 1900’s on route to their destination in 2017.

Created in 1902 by George Claude, a French engineer; chemist; inventor
and pioneer, neon’s original intent was to provide affordable, eye-catching signage to local businesses. Spreading faster than Nutella on toast, industrial and recycled materials are now popping up everywhere in chic interior decor, ‘it’ party/food destinations as well as modish boutiques.

Fashioned from sealed glass tubing and a number of gases to create an array of colours, you’ll be sure to spot these highlighted pieces around your city. If you live in the Montreal area, can you guess the locations of each staple piece? Let’s put you to the test and see if you can remember any in my look-book of favourite neon finds!


“non, rien de rien. non, je ne regrette rien.”

Spotted at 1616 Saint-Catherine St W, Kampai Beer Garden offers savoury Japanese fusion food, whimsical cocktails, and organic design. Perfect for a dinner, a date, or night of well drinking.


“bad habits!”

Mounted atop the walls of Somwhr Liquor Lounge, this place screams for midnight trendoids. Sited in the Old Port at 401 Notre-Dame St W: If you’re not at Somwhr; you’re nowhere!

This piece is by far my favourite and occupies the gap between greenery like a snapshot of a flip book in motion. Furnished with worn leather, vintage arcade games and Victorian area rugs, this lounge magnetizes hipsters from a 50 km radius. Just like this woman showcases the luxury of comfortability by shedding off her undergarments, you can be sure to make yourself at home at Apt. 200,3643 St Laurent Blvd.


“Street Monkeys”

This Cambodian Restaurant will make your taste buds sing and your eyes arch in a smile . Not only is the food delish, but the venue is a must see. Venture to Verdun and see for yourself at 3625 Wellington St.

IMG_2525 (1).jpg

“Later That Night…”

Featured in the lower levels of Thursday’s bar at 1449 Crescent St, this neon sign pokes fun of the inevitable unpredictability of an alcohol filled evening at their Club and bar.


“They don’t love you like I do”

Foosball; pool; food; and drink. Fitzroy has it all for you and your friends. After all, no place loves you like Fitz does.


“Rosé all day”

This gem sits atop a beautiful tiled wall inside SeaSalt & Ceviche Bar at 351, Place Royale in the Old Port. Waterfront patios, oysters, bloody Caesars garnished with shrimp and of course, Rosé all day! You can’t go wrong at SeaSalt & Ceviche.


” Potions & Elixirs”

This spellbinding piece can be found inside the Lockhart bar at 3979 St Denis St. Inspired by the wildly popular Harry Potter series, this bar is nothing short of magical. ‘Obliviate’ your troubles away with a swish of the wand and a swig of their toothsome elixirs.


The Jägermeister stag beams it’s presence to all the alcohol hunters at Le Warehouse 1446 Crescent St. Can’t find it? That’s because it’s in the less-known basement section of their 3 story bar (weird: kinda).



Hosted every summer at Parc Jean-Drapeau, Osheaga is a rockin’ Indie music festival that creates the ultimate hippie haven with urban art, six music stages and MTL treats.


“Be As You Wish to Seem”

Located underneath the restaurant Le Saint-Gabriel at 426 St Gabriel St, Velvet Club will lour you into the mysteries of their catacomb hallways and underground exclusives. This place is truly otherworldly and an absolute must if you are looking for something uniquely different.





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